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Sandra Krosse

Fibre Artist


"It takes a lifetime to perfect a soul; five minutes to package its vessel for the journey."

That is what I do. I help you to package (clothe) yourself for your journey. We are all individuals and we need to be recognized for our originality. By listening and observing, together we can create an artistic expression of you that makes your journey to perfection one of celebration.

Being inspired by the world around me, noting subtle nuances of colour, texture and form, I seek out interesting materials, combine them and then create an original garment, just for you.

Since the age of four, I have pursued my passion to create, taken a divergent leap to the study of science (BofSc, UofT), returned to my love and study of fashion and art (Fashion Arts, Sheridan College, completing all levels of Pattern Design and Drafting) and I have honed my skills ever since.

I look forward to celebrating our continuing journey together.

It is the juxtaposition and tension between opposites that interests Sandra Krosse and fuels her creative energy. Her passion lies in achieving a tenuous balance and thereby a gracious harmony between all parts; fabric, line, artistic expression and you.

Her clothing designs have a sensual, edgy quality, recognizing the soft feminine and a woman's quiet integral strength. These opposites create a subtle tension, setting up a vibration of fascination. Her goal is to encourage you, the daring, to discover the world of sensual, wearable art, to luxuriate in and to affirm yourself as the fascinating woman you are.  Romantic, bohemian and classic chic influences blossom from her collection to help stimulate your creative soul.

From the fabric looms of the world, she seeks out rich colours and textures, working them so they encompass and enhance the human form.  Her preference is for non-primary tones and subtle, nuanced shades that intrigue and capture the imagination, adding to a woman's mystery.

Her love of opposites was honed by her divergent areas of study, that of design and the use of many artistic mediums and her love and extensive study of science. Her passion for design and art won. She hopes you enjoy her creations as much as she enjoyed making them for you. Remember, it is your individual style that pours into every thread that makes these creations come alive.


Kaleidoscope, Cloth - Cotton, wool, silk

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