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Photo of Sheri Tenaglia

Sheri Tenaglia

Location:Yellow Mill Building - Upper Level
Category:Other Media

Throughout her career, Sheri Tenaglia's work has been an exploration of the effect of light on colour and the dynamic interplay of light and shadow while pushing colour to the extreme, with dramatic results. While Sheri has worked in several mediums and is most recognized for her work in pastel, for the past several years she has explored new avenues with encaustic and mixed media. Her encaustic paintings break the rules with a unique technique that provides a new approach to an ancient method. She is continually intrigued with the textures, patterns, colours and shapes found in nature, and combines design elements from the natural world with mixed media. Many of her most recent mixed media works are multi-layered with textural qualities, taking on a contemporary and three dimensional look. 

Sheri's work has been exhibited in many galleries and is in numerous private collections throughout Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Shanghai and Europe. She has had numerous commisions throughout her career along with a large scale corporate, public commission for PowerStream Head Office working in collaboration with two established glass artists. Her commercial assignments also include regular illustration work; in particular, portraits of high profile individuals in business and politics. 

Sheri is a graduate in Graphic Arts from George Brown College and has been an active member of the arts community, working with several arts associations as well as teaching art to all levels of artists for the past 20 years. She also provides portfolio classes to secondary school students applying for programs in colleges and universities.

Fervent Performance Verdant Meadow Amaranth, Soft pastel, Created for "Recipe for a Good Life" anti-cancer recipe book, 2008 19.2" x 24.75" Harmonious Light ZigZagging Shadows Bountiful

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