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Manny Martins

Category:Other Media

Photography to me is always about communicating visually through the use of subjects matter and esthetics.

There are many things I consider when capturing fine art images. The elements of light, colour, lines, texture and subject all play an intricate part in creating compositions that are visually stimulating. In my pursuit, I consciously aim to approach and connect with the subject to embody a uniquely personal artistic perspective and inner philosophical value. I am please to offer my Art pieces in Archival grade quality.

In my Portraits works, every session is as unique as the people I'm photographing. It is my pleasure and privilege to capture and reflect the integrity of individuals or group portraits. Trust and the feeling of comfort is an essential factor when it comes to being photographed. It is presumed that the photographer will posses a standard of technical know how combined with the vision on creating an image that is flattering, esthetically pleasing and in most instances to convey a desired message. As a photographer, it is a great reward to create portraits that clients and their Families can enjoy. 

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