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Janet Bailey * NEW *


Mobile:(416) 723-2756

Canadian artist J.E. Bailey creates artwork that delights collectors both at home and internationally.  With unique and distinctive subject matter and  illustrative styling, this bold and colourful work is in good standing among the tradition of Canadian Folk Art.  Though whimsical in nature, this genre of art, at it’s core, possesses a strong commitment to the larger community and  speaks of a collective and communal memory that binds us, one to the other.   

It is the distinctly Canadian character of this artists work that reveals an ode to a beloved place and exposes the nature of the people inhabiting this place through that which they treasure.  A strong sense of the land and it’s illusive national identity is present in the depiction of treasured iconic  images. With a vibrant palette, a quirky and humorous outlook, this artist has an uncanny ability to capture those things that we hold most dear.

Most days you can find J.E. Bailey at work in a sunny studio on the stairs which she shares with flame treated glass bead jeweller Berna Kilic.  It's a bustling little nook full of colour and fun.  And, of course, brimming with whimsical Canadiana.




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