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Photo of Suzanne McNenly

Suzanne McNenly


Sue’s past miniature silver sculptures and now their delightful encaustic counterparts share a dreamlike quality.  Simple and fun, her tiny masterpieces grew from a childhood visit to see the Queen’s dolls’ house at Windsor Castle.  

After years of making miniature silver and enamel sculptural pieces, she completely changed mediums. Early in 2016 a serious neck injury exacerbated by bending over to work forced her to speed up what she had been contemplating for a while.   She was increasingly drawn to her sketches often used as a first step in her sculptural pieces, and began to develop those further.  

“I knew I didn’t want the illustrations to stand alone.  They needed some sort of medium to highlight the dream-like state they existed in in my head.  At that time I started exploring encaustic, and have since developed methods to incorporate the two".

"As with my initial silver and enamel work, I have sought out teachers throughout Canada and the United States to help me hone my skills.  I seek to perfect traditional encaustic techniques, then take them and apply them in interesting ways to achieve my artistic goals.” said Sue.

For the past 10 years Sue has shown her art at large and small shows in Ontario, including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the One of A Kind Show.  

Sue's studio is in the stone building to the rear of the gallery, and she typically works  Tues-Sun weekly.


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