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Photo of Zsuzsa Monostory

Zsuzsa Monostory

Ceramic Sculptural Works

Location:Yellow Mill Lower Level

I was born and raised in Hungary and received my degree in biology at ELTE University in Budapest. I came to Canada in 1989, and worked in the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Institute until my new passion took over biology.

I have been a fulltime professional ceramic artist since 1997.

My inspiration comes from architecture, nature, all things living.

Perhaps it is my past profession that makes the human form, nature and behaviour most intriguing to me. I strive to bring the gestures of human connections and relationships to life in my work.

Animals are equally exciting to sculpt. Besides their anatomy I try to learn more about their way of life, social structure, behaviour and build some of those features into my narrative pieces.

As a biologist, environmental issues have always been close to my heart. Becoming an artist made it easier for me to express my concerns in a different way.

It's extremely pleasing to finish a piece that reflects my thoughts and even more satisfying to share it with an appreciative viewer.

Zsuzsa Monostory was born and raised in Hungary, Came to Canada in 1989. She stumbled upon clay by chance, and the engagement became so strong, it ended her career as a biologist. In retrospect it was the best thing that could have happened to her.

Inspiration comes from nature and human relationships. Her work is mostly decorative and sculptural, focusing on the connection between human made surroundings and the humans themselves. Most of her pieces are Raku fired; this finishing technique gave her the closest results with which she try to communicate with the viewer.

This was true until she discovered wood firing. Wood fired pieces have a very different look than Raku, which she is getting more and more passionate about. Not only the result but the social aspect of the firing process, bounding between women is also special.

Gentle Songstress, Raku-fired clay, Created for the Mill Artist Showcase, 25cm x 29cm x 24cm

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