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Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists
Artwork from Williams Mill Artists


Many award-winning artists work in a wide range of painting media at the Mill from watercolours and oils to acrylics, and more. The work is presented in both traditional and unique ways, in styles and themes ranging from abstract to realism, and in a variety of sizes.

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Janet Bailey * NEW * - Painting
Canadian artist J.E. Bailey creates artwork that delights collectors both at home and internationally. With unique and distinctive subject matter and illustrative styling, this bold and colourful work is in good standing among the tradition of Canadian Folk Art. Though whimsical in nature, this genre of art, at it’s core, possesses a strong commitment to the larger community and speaks of a collective and communal memory that binds us, one to the other.

It is the distinctly Canadian character of this artists work that reveals an ode to a beloved place and exposes the nature of the people inhabiting this place through that which they treasure. A strong sense of the land and it’s illusive national identity is present in the depiction of treasured iconic images. With a vibrant palette, a quirky and humorous outlook, this artist has an uncanny ability to capture those things that we hold most dear.

Most days you can find J.E. Bailey at work in a sunny studio on the hillside of a five acre farmstead on the Credit River in Glen Williams, Ontario. It’s where home is shared with family, friends and a menagerie of feathered and furry residents that inhabit this rural Canadian countryside.

Photo of Marlene Madole

Marlene Madole - Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Marlene Madole paints both en plein air and studio landscapes from her travels across Canada. Marlene is an elected member and a Past President of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC).

Photo of Tiziana Manierka

Tiziana Manierka - Painting
Tiziana Manierka is a succesful graphic designer and fine artist who has owned and operated her company, Clearly Stated Design, for over 20 years. Working with her Studio Fourteen associates she strives to create impactful, cost effective, targeted communications solutions for her clients.

Stella Marin * NEW * - Painting
Stella Marin is a member of Halton Hills Wildlife and Nature Artists, who joined Williams Mill in 2017.

Photo of Vicki McCracken * NEW *

Vicki McCracken * NEW * - Painting
Vicki McCracken is a member of Halton Hills Wildlife and Nature Artists and joined Wiliams Mill in 2017.

Photo of Kelly McNeil  *NEW*

Kelly McNeil *NEW* - Painting
Kelly McNeil is a wildlife artist who shows her work internationally and paints and teaches in Brampton, ON.

Photo of Shelley Newman  * NEW *

Shelley Newman * NEW * - Painting
An Award Winning Canadian oil painter, Shelley specializes in iconic Canadian landscapes.

Photo of Margaret Peter

Margaret Peter - Painting, Printmaking
Marg Peter is a Guelph painter and original printmaker whose interest is reflected in her floral, landscape and fossil images. Recently she has added collage to her original prints to create an introspection in the viewer regarding the evolution of the land and its creatures.

Photo of Milly Tseng *NEW *

Milly Tseng *NEW * - Painting
Milly Tseng is a member of Halton Wildlife and Nature Artists and joined Williams Mill in 2017.

Photo of Lorne Winters

Lorne Winters - Painting
For 20 years, I established myself as one of Canada's leading commercial artists. Having served numerous, international clients, the like of which include Coca-Cola, Nike and General Motors, I had also remained connected to the more personal side of my art.

(Entries 1 to 10 of 10)

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