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Photo of Milly Tseng

Milly Tseng


Milly Tseng, Home coming

Although Milly Tseng was artistically inclined from a young age, it was an article about Impressionist painting, which centred round Claude Monet’s works, that inspired Milly into picking up her paint brushes to hone her artistic skills.  A keen gardener with a deep love for nature and the outdoors, Milly’s source of inspiration is often the blooms in her garden and the places she has visited.

While Milly continues to be a member of Beaux Arts Brampton, she is also a part of  Halton Hills Wildlife and Nature Artists group.

Learning from other artists has allowed her to explore and experiment further on her own. As she grows and matures internally and as an artist, Milly believes that her close connection to nature will bring unlimited dimensions to her art. 

Milly works mainly with acrylic and has taken classes with artists Nancy Foster,  Marianne BroomeKelly McNeil and Lynda Kemp. She hopes to continue the journey of learning for many years to come…


“Painting is a passion that sets my mind free by allowing me to express my inner self.”
Milly Tseng


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