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About Williams Mill

The Williams Mill Board

Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre was founded in 1994 to create a centre for art production where artists could collaborate, and where locals and tourists could interact with the artists and share the cultural richness of the picturesque hamlet of Glen Williams. The Mill has grown into a home for approximately thirty artists and artisans whose work includes: painting, ceramic art, fibre, glass, jewellery, print making, sculpture, heritage boat building and chair caning. In 2005, the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre was federally incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act as a not-for-profit corporation.

Board Members

Janet Bailey, 
Tiziana Manierka, 
Christine Montague
Doug Patisson
Dennis Perlin
Jacqueline Sargent

Board Committees

Williams Mill is inviting board members currently, and will announce new members shortly.

Williams Mill
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