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Off Leash Three


Artists Diana Hillman, Vickie Wild and Gail Prussky join together to create a show filled with everything from distorted mystical beasts, to trucks, planes and journeys and sophisticated folk art wooden animals.  Diana Hillman's ethereal landscapes depict the ordinary and make it extraordinary, whether a solitary four way stop or long distance truck and a clear passing lane, even views from aeroplane windows.  They all hint at a deeper meaning and a true connection to the land.  


Vickie Wild's 21st Century folk art hint at the bygone naive style, but have an upscale sophisticated finish and humorous overtones.  Suddenly quirky art has a home in our sometimes too sensible modern interiors.  She says “I cut my animals out of wood. Paint them and use horse hair, sheepskin, leather - whatever is natural and appropriate to embellish them. I like to connect to my viewers through the individual animal’s whimsy. They become beating hearts to me. Each with their own story.”


Gail Prussky's mystical beasts and mysterious people pivot between being humorous and whimsical, and something more sinister.  Paintings, drawings and pastels hover on paper and wood, challenging the viewer to select their response.  When asked she says her art "comes from a place that has no language”



Our hot summer show features four painters.  Relentless creator and Brainproject participant, Deborah Jolly; Plein air painter, hiker, caoneist and outdoor adventurer John David Anderson; Charismatic, tree loving Noella Upitis and local landscape and flower painter Gordon Mitchell.  


Noella Upitis 

The Nature of Canada
Work by Resident Williams Mill Artists for Canada 150

Williams Mill's artists join together for their annual show to celebrate Canada 150, to reflect on the diverse landscapes, flora and fauna of Canada, but also what the next 150 years might mean to them.  Come and see Oil and acrylic painting, print making, stone sculpture, photography, wood carving and fibre art that might make Canada 150 memories for you in your home.



      Shelley Newman



Margaret Peter     



   Milly Tseng


Carol-Ann Michaelson    




Plein Air Canvas:
Views of Georgetown and Glen Williams

Come to Williams Mill to buy and enjoy some of your favourite local scenes by renowned painter Ylli Haruni.  Ylli can be seen with brush, palette and easel in the picturesque areas of Georgetown, Glen Williams, Port Credit and Mississauga.  He captures the light and essence of the scene, and adds movement and life with natural elements, and Viola, the woman in the red dress.  Due to the popularity of Ylli's paintings, we have retained some special local views for sale.  Do come in and see them.  Prices from $400.


New Work by Mary Karavos and Laurie Skantzos
March 29-April 16, 2017

Paper artist Mary Karavos and painter Laurie Skantzos share their latest work, which is driven by exploration, discovery and surprise.  Spring's invitation has made its mark on their canvas and bright, light energy radiates from each work.  Unique in their work is the ability to present traditional techniques in a fresh and modern style that commands attention and appreciation in all who view their work.

"What you seek is seeking you" Rumi

Mary Karavos
Coral Depths, Paper Collage
Laurie Skantzos
There All Along, Oil on Panel (detail)

Mary Karavos was born in Toronto Ontario, Mary’s formal art training took place at the Ontario College of Art. In her graduating year Mary was selected to study fine art in Florence Italy.  Life in Florence and the beautiful mosaics greatlyinfluenced her individual style and technique. She has spent years developing her process. Only the finest Japanese and Nepalese papers are patiently layered piece

by piece, layer upon layer to create her original paper art. She truly" paints with paper". Mary actively exhibits and sells her work in select galleries and juried exhibitions

locally and internationally.


Artist Statement

A visual and emotional journey captivates me as I layer hand torn papers purposefully on canvas. The inspiration is intuitive and surfaces from the memories of my surroundings and my travels. It is an expression of my life-long love of color, music and nature. The results are a rich interplay of texture and color achievable with the patient layering of only the finest Japanese, Thai and Nepalese papers for my palette. I am continuously exploring my love for paper and the creative process towards original works of art.

Laurie Skantzos's abstract and semi-abstract painting is largely inspired by the natural world and filtered through her inner landscape. She studied fine art at the University of Waterloo and her work is displayed in galleries throughout Ontario. She regularly participates in shows such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Toronto Artist Project, as well as International Affordable Art Fairs with Spence Gallery. Laurie’s award winning work is included in private and public collections across North America, Europe and Asia. She works from her home studio in Guelph Ontario.


The Usual Suspects
March 1-26, 2017

This show presents the work of six new studio artists; Shelley Newman, and The Halton Hills Wildlife and Nature Artists.   Artists featured include:


Shelley Newman Kelly McNeil Vicki McCracken
Guylaine LeBlanc Stella Marin Milly Tseng



Shelley Newman

Vicki McCracken


Stella Marin

Kelly McNeil

Milly Tseng



The Love of Art
January 18-February 26, 2016


This show is filled with red for St Valentines!   The show includes the work of seven leading artists: Dominik Modlinksi leads with his sought after, painterly landscapes, and is accompanied by David Grieve, whose palette knife tree paintings sell to collectors across Canada and the USA.  Technical innovators David Hind and Jason Mernick join the group, manipulating aluminium in their work.  Hind makes mosaics and etches designs into the aluminium, while Mernick torches, cuts and sculpts the metal.  Other surprises in the show include Fiona Hoop, not one artist, but two, who collaborate much like a musical duet, to make large abstract canvases reminiscent of Mark Rothko and the abstract expressionists.  Matthew Coles paints energetically in enamel paint, creating a high gloss rush of colour.  Gretta Gibney's supersized, realistic yet gentle depictions of dogs are a reminder of the love we have for our pets, and Brian Lorimer’s unexpected use of colour in landscape and portrait paintings completes the show.  We are thrilled to be partnering with Natures’ Scene to exhibit work of this calibre.


Dominik Modlinski

David Grieve

Matthew Coles

David Hind

Brian Lorimer

Fiona Hoop

Jason Mernick


Gretta Gibney



Home for the Holidays!

20th Anniversary Studio Artist Homecoming 
new work by Williams Mill's most successful studio artists
December 7-31, 2016

At this time of year, “home” we all develop a strong sense of home; the place we go back to, to be among those we feel comfortable and who know us best, where we can be ourselves.  Nine artists are doing just that at Williams Mill.  They are returning to the Mill from careers that have taken them continents and lifetimes away from their early years there when they were young studio partners.  Their growing friendships and mutual understanding helped one another develop their art practice and careers.  The show features recent work made specially for this holiday show, and celebrates their reunion and creating a finale to Williams Mill’s 20th year anniversary celebrations.  Paintings by Marilyn Laugesen have arrived from the UK, and Ruth Boissoin from British Columbia.  The show also comprises wearable art from long time Georgetown resident Bonnie Glass, sculpture by Holly Atkinson, photography by Candace Slack and paintings by Ruth Boissoin, Wendy Cooper-Parkinson, Kim deBruyn, Nancy Farrell, Sherrill Girard and Marilyn Laugesen.  Many are smaller pieces that make a unique and precious gift for the holidays.  Join the artists and their collectors at a cheese and wine reception on Thursday December 8, 6-9pm.  Show continues thru December 31.  The gallery and gift shop are open extended hours in December, Tuesday-Sunday 12noon-5pm. 



Participating artists include:


Holly Atkinson

Ruth Boissoin

Kim deBruyn

Wendy Cooper-Parkinson 

Nancy Farrell

Sherrill Girard

Bonnie Glass

Marilyn Laugesen

Candace Slack



The Joy of Art
Now thru December 31

Williams Mill has sourced beautiful one of a kind Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones this year.  Browse beautiful one of a kind new gifts for the holidays from the gallery, gift shop, studios and guest artists.  Enjoy twinkling lights, and chat with the artists that make Williams Mill such a special place at this time of the year.  



A Little Truth in Everything
new oils and collage work by TINA NEWLOVE
November 9-December 6, 2016

Opening Reception Thursday November 10th, 7-9pm
Art Performance Sunday November 20th, 1-3pm

Williams Mill is thrilled to welcome back esteemed artist Tina Newlove with a new body of work.  A Little Truth in Everything includes bird’s nest assemblages holding estrogen/placebo pills, a ‘game’ sculpture with images of guns and bleeding hearts on wooden blocks, and abstract leather collages with themes of nesting, fleeing and rehoming.

Dictionary pages with their definitions and strong grid-like structures hold repetitive circular oil paintings of symbolic imagery. Underlying ideas of 'Women's work' are punctuated by the methodical hand-stitching on the Automatons page and the apples in Mechanized Biological Impulses hint at still lives, bowls of fruit, fertility, sexuality and experiences in the kitchen. The past and present seem to intersect daily in my life; Protest Girl is made with trim and bits from my grandmother’s sewing box and the hand-gun collages stem from conversations with my twelve-year-old son about weapons, video games and violence in the news.

The oil paintings in A Little Truth in Everything reflect a searching for home, is it in your heart, is it a place or is it present in the people you are with?  Abstract figures struggle to be seen and yet at the same time hide and sink away from the viewer’s sightline. The focal point can be under the horizon line, dead centre or half off the canvas, suggesting a continuing story. Metaphorical scenes catch figures in moments of contemplation, anxiety or in mid-conversation with unseen counterparts. 

 I look forward to presenting to the public a live performance painting with DJ Automated Soul as a part of this exhibition.


Colour Texture Vision

October 19-November 6, 2016

Six women artists present a blissful collection of colour and texture in this exciting and dynamic show.  Often intuitive in process, loose and informal in form, and ultimately energetic and fun in completion, this expressive show calls on references as diverse exotic Kenyan wildlife, interior design, gentle florals and natural themes, to full abstraction.  Works range from miniatures that make the perfect gift to large scale statement works that form a centrepiece for home or workplace.  Participating artists include: 

Chania Allen
Barbara Chapman
Joanne Currah
Karin Lynn Cummings
Geraldine Critch-Gillingham
Rhonda Gordon Pearl

Joanne Currah, Laugh, Share and Magic! acrylic on canvas 36x36X3in $850

Chania Allen, Chanelling Cy, 24x24in, $575.00


Geraldine Gillingham, English Garden, 24x36 in, Oil On Canvas, $860


Karin Lynn Cumming, details on request
Rhonda Pearl, A piece of summer 36x30in $1,200.00
Barbara Chapman, Lake Walk, Oil on Canvas, 12x12, $240




Common Ground

September 21-October 16, 2016



Exhibition Events: 

Opening Reception:  Thursday September 22, 6-8pm

Meet the Artists:  Sunday September 25, 2-5pm


Join us at Williams Mill to see new paintings by two accomplished artists, Sonja Mortimer and Jane Marshall.  Both artists focus on our landscapes, whether land or water, and the interaction between human endeavour and the natural world, and the constant friction between natural beauty and the constructed environment.  Sonja Mortimer says:  My art is essentially landscape re-interpreted, altered or transformed. Images are often inspired by momentary glimpses of natural settings that trigger intense wonder. Various hues and light effects that I see in my travels are a constant source of inspiration and provide an endless source of informed references.”  Her work is also grounded in a fascination with structure and ordered spaces whether natural or man-made. Within the spatial organization that Sonja strives for, she also embraces randomness and dissonance.  Jane Marshall has long been fascinated by the properties of transparency, translucence and reflection, and interpretations of these qualities always find their way into her work.  Whether water, glass, metal or sunlight streaming through a windowpane; all of these draw her attention, and she renders them in a dynamic and expressive manner.  She says of her work:   In this series, the study of water characterizes my work.  Water moving, and water still; water free to choose its own path, and water imprisoned in containers: all of these variations are the many guises in which water presents itself.  A transparent medium that can assume any colour, that can move in different ways, that changes and distorts its surroundings, that transforms itself from liquid to vapour and to solid—all these wonderful qualities make it a fascinating subject.”


Salon Style

July 27-September 18, 2016

Williams Mill has selected artists to celebrate the long hot days of  summer.  Come into the cool gallery and see Antonina Gladkova's vibrant, colourful floral paintings, rich with light, texture and movement.  Lynda Pogue's broad range of work encompasses paintings demonstrating exciting and dramatic water-like movement, a Dream Pouch © inspired by soft native spirituality and a captured image of nature at rest.  Karen Silverstone creates soft pencil drawings of landscapes on lathe and plaster; beautiful work that is charming, ethereal and recycled. The alabaster and soapstone sculptures of Stephen Foreman are soft and organic in shape, and inspirational in meaning.   Susan Wakefield's painting subjects are diverse yet share a common gentle approach to her subject.  The artists are invited to replace work as it sells in the show, resulting in an ever changing exhibit over our summer months.  


Antonina Gladkova, Summer is here                                    Lynda Pogue, Cool Waters

Karen Silverstone, W8012 
Stephen Foreman, Soaring Cloud, white alabaster

These exhibits have provided the public with an opportunity to experience the many diverse talents of both emerging and accomplished Ontario artists.


Hilly World

June 29-July 24, 2016


Brianna Mulvale (Gabet) is a young full-time Canadian artist and designer living in Halton. Brianna graduated with honours in both the one year art programme and the three year Graphics Design program at George Brown College.  Her love for art and creating began in early childhood and is one of her main inspirations in life. If not drawing or sketching, she was making something by hand with her mother, who always encouraged her.  She spent much of her childhood in Glen Williams, going to elementary school here, playing baseball in the park and staying at her grandmother’s home where she found much of her inspiration.  Creating and painting is her everyday pleasure and commitment.  She uses any medium that she feels best serves her creative subject such as:  acrylics, oils, soft pastels, water colour, pen, ink, pencil and pastels.  Inspired by memories from childhood to the places she has visited as an adult “Hilly World” folk art is fun, happy and whimsical, with a little bit of funk.  Sweet characters inhabit a charming hilly land.  The delightful paintings are chock full of a collection of winsome houses, hills, hot air balloons, scarecrows, horses, dogs, cows, cats, kites, kids and snowmen.  Her use of vibrant colour creates an enchanting world that draws you in.  Brianna says of her work: "

“Life is a series of ups and downs. Art should reflect this and be able to move you. I prefer to cheer people up. The thought is: we could all use a little extra happiness in our lives wherever we can get it. If I can make someone smile with my art, then I have succeeded.”

We are thrilled to welcome Brianna back to her childhood roots in the Glen.


Hilly Habitat, Acrylic on Canvas


Hilly Happy Birthday, Acrylic on Canvas


February 17-March 13, 2016


Andrew Verhoeckx’s hyperrealist paintings are so detailed and accurate, they could be mistaken for photography. The exhibition will show Andrew’s cityscapes from across the world, from the New York City skyline to a busy Shanghai street scene, illuminated by neon signs. Andrew is a graduate of the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of arts in the USA with a masters of painting. In recent years he has shown his work in New York City, Los Angeles and cities across the USA. In Canada his work has been exhibited in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary. Andrew’s work has won numerous group show awards, earning best of show, first place and people’s choice awards.  He was also awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields foundation grant and was an Adjunct Professor at University of Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, teaching introduction to Painting and Drawing. He now lives and paints in Georgetown, ON.bThis outstanding show runs February 17-March 13, 2016 and gallery opening hours are 12noon-5pm, Wednesday to Sunday.


November 21-December 24, 2015
Extended Christmas Hours!


Shop at Williams Mill for Christmas! This season we welcome six new jewellery designers to the Gallery, as well as work by Mill artist Carol-Ann Michaelson and Naomi Assenheim of Opal Wing Creations. Lustrous deep red pottery by Joseph Panacci, sleek and stylish purses and bags by Karen Gunna make sophisticated gifts easy. For a more informal look, choose from raw edge cutting boards and candle holders by Wayne Muma or recycled woollens by Carol Richmond. Choose from these and a host of other Ontario craft people, as well as the Mill’s resident artists in the studios.

Williams Mill Gallery Christmas hours:
Open Tuesdays, and Thursdays till 7pm

Nov 27-Dec 24:
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm
Thursdays 11am-7pm



December 9 2015 - January 3, 2016


Landscape painter George Perdue sought to capture the essence of a place. “A number of things are important to me including the prevailing feeling, the mystery, the passage of time, the imprint of man, the composition and colour.”  He achieved this by painting on site, and from life, in all seasons. He noted nature’s colours and how they work together, the composition, the abstract shapes, the light and its changes, and the sounds and smells of the place. He would then return to his studio to recapture the emotion of the on-site experience, aiming each time to retell the story with accuracy and freshness and what he called “the real joy of seeing, creating, experimenting and applying the paint.”  As well as studying painting himself, George taught and influenced many artists in Halton, and he leaves a legacy of knowledge and friendship in the art community.


Recent Past Art Exhibits


November 18-December 6, 2015


Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser paints the art of science. Stem cells, DNA and brain synapses, unimaginable in appearance to most of us, are transformed into bold, abstract works. She is captivated by the ability of the human being to adapt to an ever changing world, continuously striving for scientific solutions to global challenges. In her paintings she captures the dynamic flow of energies surrounding us, always searching for new ways of visual expression. She achieves this by blending unconventional materials in unusual combinations of highly textured intricate designs in vibrant colours, and at times by simple minimalism in black and white.

Barbara Ariss-Stroh-Wasser’s creations span from microcosm of cellular structures to the macrocosm of global environmental issues and the universe. Her work is held in galleries, corporations and private residences in Europe, Australia, Singapore and North America.

William Band 
New Show at the Williams Mill Gallery


Well-known local artist William Band now lives in the country north of Georgetown. He is inspired by the nature that surrounds him, the horses just outside the window of his studio, the changing display of colour in the fields. This show of new work displays his ability to capture the feeling of a moment, a spring morning in downtown Georgetown or a tranquil fall afternoon with the sun highlighting the brilliant fall foliage.

Born in Windsor, Band graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and studied further with such respected Canadian artists as Alan Collier, Jack Reid, Franklin Arbuckle, to name but a few. After a successful career in commercial art, Band went back to his first love, painting. Proficient in most forms of art media, he now works primarily in watercolours and oils. Inspired by his extensive travel, in Canada and beyond, and by the countryside around his home. Every painting tells a unique story, Band also accepts commissions for family homes or cottages, or vintage automobiles, and captures fond memories of days gone by.

The exhibition opens Wednesday, October 28th and runs until Sunday, November 15th.  The Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5 pm. The artist will be present on Sunday afternoon, November 1, from 1 to 4 pm.


Paintings by Antonina Gladkova

October 7-25, 2015


As winter approaches, enjoy a dose of the Caribbean from painter Antonina Gladkova.  Born in Moscow, but resident in Georgetown, Antonina shows the crashing waves against the rocks, intense blue skies and brilliant sun.  Gladkova says of her journey to paint: “Having faced the complex task of packing brushes, paints and canvases, and leaving an icy Toronto far behind me, it was bliss to encounter such an extreme difference in nature, colour, and light.  I was captivated by the intense deep blue skies and crispy clouds, along with the ever changing pattern of waves on the bright white sand beaches.  I hope every viewer can feel the warmth of the sun and taste the salt of the gentle sea breeze as they view this show.”

Having studied Chemical Engineering Antonina found a passion for visual art.  Starting with watercolours she soon progressed to oil painting under the guidance of the late George Perdue.  Enjoying nature since she was a child, Antonina works en plein air and focuses on colour and light.   Her work is found in private collections across Ontario.

Algonquin Views

Paintings by Philip Sworden

September 16-October 4, 2015

ALGONQUIN VIEWS by Philip Sworden features paintings of jack pines, white birch, forests and granite rocks that represent Algonquin's varied landscapes. Called "a true Algonquin Artist" by Globe and Mail columnist and acclaimed Algonquin author Roy MacGregor, Philip Sworden's show is not to be missed. All work is for sale. Prices range from $100 to $350. Why not take home an Algonquin View all of your own?


Naomi Assenheim Farewell
Studio Open House and Sale

September 25-27, 12-5pm

After 10 years at Williams Mill, jewellery Naomi Assenheim is relocating to Georgian Bay.  Please join us September 25-27, 12-5pm for her Farewell Studio Open House and Gratitude Sale.  Naomi will continue to show her latest work in the Williams Mill Gallery and we look forward to sharing her Georgian Bay inspired designs with you.

Contrasting Energies:
Freda Wrench and John Ashbourne

August 26 – September 13, 2015

Opening Reception Saturday August 29, 2-4pm. Please join us!

Wrench, Elemental 36 x 30 Acrylic Ink $700        Ashbourne, Casals Wood and acrylic mounted, matted and framed

Freda Wrench was born in Alberta and has lived in Caledon for over 20 years. She has shown her work in numerous group, juried and solo shows.  Her subjects are diverse, but often return to the human figure, sometimes abstracting it and often incorporating it into the natural environment.This interest began at an early age and continued while drawing fashion figures at George Brown College where she earned an Honours Degree in Fashion Design. Freda’s artistic education was achieved through workshops and evening classes and many hours of drawing and painting.  She is a member of the Headwaters Art Gallery Committee which has given her the opportunity to jury artwork, enabling her to look at my own work with a more critical eye.
John Ashbourne was born in London, England but has lived most of his life in Canada. As a young man he was passionate art, but family circumstances forced him to pursue a degree and career in business.  His tutor complained that he spent more time at Tate Gallery than he ever did in college.  His sculpture often uses the natural qualities and textures of wood and takes its cue from animal and natural forms but also more abstract work about spatial relationships.  His work has been exhibited nationally, and across Ontario.  In 2014 he was elected to the Ontario Society of Artists.


Violet’s Garden
Memories of Newfoundland by Geraldine Gillingham
August 5-23, 2015 



Sunday August 9, 2-4pm Geraldine Gillingham will be present to talk about the work and share stories of Newfoundland.

Violet's Garden, $285

Painter Geraldine Gillingham came to painting later in life, after a first career and raising her family.  In this vibrant and colourful show she reflects on her early childhood, growing up in Newfoundland.  As a child she developed a deep connection with nature. Her father was a fisherman, and together they explored the rugged Newfoundland coastline. Now she recreates those images, abstracted on canvas, recollecting crashing waves, beaches, forests and vast expanses of untouched wilderness. In this show she also introduces a new series inspired by the enchanting flower garden created by the family neighbour, Violet. “To me, as a child, it was a magical place filled with colour and nature, and I hope to capture the joy and freedom I felt tiptoeing through the flowers and buzzing bees.”  Gillingham achieves this with free application of paint, bright colour and a tangible sense of movement. All work is for sale.
Gallery hours Wed-Sun, 12 noon-5pm.

  Please join us for the Artists' Reception of           
Innerscapes Now and Then
Saturday May 30, 2-5pm

Jan Zimerman                             Eileen Simpson                                     Monica Burnside


Innerscapes Now and Then is a new colourful, eclectic art show by local artists Eileen Simpson, Monica Burnside, and Jan Zimmerman   This is the 15th year for the group, whose purpose is to accelerate development and exploration together, and also to support each other on their individual creative journeys.
We look forward to seeing you!
Show dates and times:
May 27 to June 14, 2015
Wednesday to Sunday 12noon to 5pm.  

Phone 905-873-8203 for more information or find us on Facebook.

Classical Italian Painting comes to Williams Mill Gallery

Basket of Seasonal Fruit on a Green Cloth, 14 x17 inches, oil on canvas

Williams Mill is proud to present the work of international artist Therese McAllister in “The Florence Influence”, March 25-May 3. McAllister trained in Ireland at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin before moving to Italy in the 1970s. In Florence she studied under the tutelage of prominent painter Pietro Annigoni (renowned for his portraits of the British Royal Family) and at the Studio of Nerina Simi, studying the techniques of drawing and painting in the classical tradition.
McAllister works mainly in oils, and her darkly-glowing still lifes are rich and vibrant in colour with a meticulous attention to detail. The timeless tradition of Italian painting means that McAllister’s rich baskets of fruit and Chianti bottles would not look out of place in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  We are lucky enough, however, to enjoy the best of European classical painting right here at the newly renovated Williams Mill Gallery in Glen Williams.
Therese McAllister accepts commissions for fine drawings and portraits in pastel and pencil. Her subjects have included celebrities and politicians, and yet it is her portraits of children that embody a wistful softness that holds the viewer’s gaze while simultaneously demonstrating the artist’s remarkable skill and versatility. McAllister’s work is treasured in collections in Ireland, England, Italy, France, Greece, Canada and the United States.

Autumn Apples, 24x30 inches, oil on canvas


PRESS RELEASE:  Forests and Faces


Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre opens a joint show on March 4, 2015, featuring acrylic painter Maggie Atkinson and Watercolour and acrylic artist Andrés Silvera. Atkinson’s landscape paintings have a whimsical atmosphere, with the viewer’s eye being led through snow clad birch forests, or towards natural scenes: blossoms, or chickadees on a fence post. Her acrylic paintings capture the stillness of the trees and the softness of recently fallen snow. Leading the whimsical theme towards surrealism, Andrés Silvera paints faces, capturing human emotion and expression. His finished works result from a complex array of tools and technique of drips and smudges of watercolour, charcoal and industrial varnish.

Maggie Atkinson: Maggie Atkinson was born in Montreal. Although mostly self-taught, she has attended numerous courses including fine arts at Sir George Williams University.  Recent exhibits of Atkinson’s work include the Halton Hills Cultural Centre, Williams Mill Visual Art Centre, and the new Red Door Gallery in downtown Georgetown. Her painting won second prize for the People’s Choice Award in February 2014 at the Halton Hills Cultural Symposium. 

Andrés Silvera: Andrés Silvera was born in Toronto but moved to Valparaiso, Chile as a child, a move that would have great impact on his work. His signature work consists of bold color bleeding as well as heavily layered drip and charcoal paintings using his hands, palette knifes and common household items such as toothbrushes, combs and pens.  

Event: Reception on Saturday March 7, 6 to 9pm. The artists will be present. Press and visitors welcome.  

Show continues through March 22, 2015   Winter Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 12-5pm.  Website: www.williamsmill.com   Find us on Facebook
Location: Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre, 515 Main Street, Glen Williams, ON, L7G 3S9

Image Credits:

Atkinson: “Night of the Winter Solstice”, Acrylic

Andres: ”What Dreams are Made of”, Watercolour

For more images and more information, contact:

Kate McGowan, 647 267 8220  mail@katemcgowan.com

Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre 905-873-8203



Landscape and Still Life

Denis Hopkins

November 5 to November 16, 2014

Artist's Statement

My first love in painting is still life. Oil is my favourite medium. I am influenced by the still life paintings of the 17th century Dutch masters, the work of Chardin, and, to some extent, the work of Cezanne, who used colour to depict form. I concentrate on seeing the subtleties of what is before me and on drawing the, as accurately as possible. The importance of doing this has been reinforced by several years of study in France.

I am especially interested in representing the changes that are brought about by the passage of time, the imperfections in a pot, the patina, for example, resulitng from use over many years, or the effects of corrosion on surfaces.  Some of my still life paintings may be seen as metaphors for the aging process. In landscape painting, I am interested in atmospheric conditions which are constantly changing.  This work tends to be impressionistic compared to the detailed realism of my still life painting.

My favourite locations for painting are Vermont, the Loire Valley in France, and Wellington County in Ontario.  I maintain studios in the Loire Valley, and in Ortin, Ontario.


Main Street Down the Road

Image Credit: 'Veteran's Walk' oil painting by Gilles LaFond, Winner of the People's Choice Award

The Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre was pleased to exhibit 'Main Street Down the Road' in the Williams Mill Gallery.  The exhibit featured a selection of the paintings resulting from the July 12th Plein Air Challenge in Georgetown, sponsored by the Helson Gallery and OPAS the Ontario Plein Air Society. Exhibition Organizer Marlene Madole proposed this show as a way to celebrate working 'en plein air' – directly outside in front of the subject.

This challenge was an open call for artists to paint a subject on site in under three hours and ready for judging. Painting subjects were the choice of the artist within a defined area of downtown Georgetown during the hours of the Farmers' Market.

Two of the exhibitors in this show received awards at the competition: Gilles LaFond of Barrie received the 'People's Choice' for his oil painting 'Veteran's Walk' and Ted Yao of Markham received an award for his watercolour painting 'Sliders From Latitude'.

Also exhibiting: Keith Thirgood of Markham, President of the OPAS, with an acrylic painting 'Church on Main', Robin Symmes of Erin with a series of watercolours and ink drawing along Main Street, one called 'Market Day' and exhibition organizer Marlene Madole of the Williams Mill in Glen Williams, with an acrylic painting 'Between the Lanes'.



Equal Parts

Recent paintings by Brian Smith                 April 16 to April 27, 2014

Artist’s Statement – I have been drawing and painting the human form for close to fifty years and I continue to derive an enormous amount of pleasure from it. Whether a classical drawing of the nude in sanguine chalk or a more whimsical drawing of a group of figures in compressed charcoal or an abstracted painting of the figure, the thrill of the human form and the challenge of recording and interpreting that form and its gestures and surfaces keeps bringing me back daily. I am an artist because the human form inspires. 

Off the Surface

an exhibition of recent artworks by
Mary Ellen Chapman

April 2 to April 13, 2014 

Artist’s Statement:  

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The colours of nature are scored into these veneers of Mary Ellen Chapman’s encaustic relief artworks. In each painting there are at least twenty layers of transparent and translucent wax glazes that reveal shimmering hues. The viewer becomes a participant who cannot help but caress the surfaces of wool, forelock, bark or rock.

The artist’s spirit is found in the tangled woods, breaking waves and open fields. Nevertheless, these glowing colours need some element of actual energy. Thick textures burst to life as the lamb bleats for its mother, the horse relaxes after its ride, and the lagoon collects its sun. 



November 13 to 25, 2013.

Solo Art Exhibit
Featuring Artist Robert Johannsen


Williams Mill
Halton Hills Halton Region