Est. 1994

Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios is a place where artists collaborate and find inspiration – and art lovers buy masterpieces directly from their makers.

Home base for the seven-strong Glen Williams Glass – Glass Art Collective. Upon entering, everywhere you look are multiple shelves of finished objects of various coloured glass, but it’s what’s beyond that draws you in – toward the light – the furnaces with their glory holes burning 24/7. 

This deep blue industrial building’s over 4,000-square-feet is both a shared showroom overlooking the workshop area, and separate private work spaces for each individual. 

As it’s the only Williams Mill building built parallel to Main Street, it’s often the first building located with a large parking lot right out front of its’ two side-by-side main doors – the garage door is often open in the summer.

Tempted by inviting window displays with a selection of the work created here, enter into a bright, contemporary, open-concept work/display space made in 2018. Multiple artists in diverse media have their studio/galleries in this annex of the stone building. Ten-foot ceilings with plenty of walls for display makes this a real jewel on a dull day. 

You can enter from both the courtyard and the neighbouring stone sculpture studio – and parking is right by the front door at the Main Street level.

Nestled within a sheltered enclave, the studios located within the Courtyard are tucked away from the elements, a hidden gem. This quiet courtyard welcomes visitors with the promise of a secret garden and an art adventure.

Every season offers up a new palate of spring, summer, fall or winter colours, the perfect gateway to beautiful artistic creations. Stone Sculpting, Watercolour, Oil painting, Acrylics, Sketching, Drawing, Print Making, Fabric Art, Wood Carving – showcasing unique, original works of art, every studio is home to a working artist.

Located on the lower level of the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios site, the Parkside Studios showcase a diverse selection of businesses unique to Williams Mill. Meander down the garden stairs or drive down the lane beside the Stone Building to a separate parking lot on the lower level.

The Main Conservatory of Music leads children on their journey to develop and enhance musical skills and abilities.

When first approaching the heart of the Glen from across the Credit River, – a sunflower-yellow, three-and-a-half storey building stands out against the backdrop of a curtain of trees on the hill behind. This is the Original Williams Sawmill Building – a.k.a. “The Yellow Mill”.

A number of private studios, located in this building, are open to clients by appointment.

Serving seasonal, contemporary food, carefully selected wines and drinks in a convivial setting. A local where you can drop in after work for a drink or enjoy a more leisurely evening. Nestled in the lower level of the Saw Mill building, The Glen Tavern can be accessed by the lower parking lot or by meandering down the stairway from the upper parking lot.